Awareness for the future

In the current climate, there needs to be more positivity, more awareness and more fluidity in the world. So we have decided to pour our endless goodwill and a great deal of scientific research to try and change the world. From this we now have a unique development here in Pécs, Hungary.

Our Semse Mindala application’s brainwave analysis gives you a unique opportunity to enter a state of conscious presence.

As a world first, you have the opportunity to take home a memento of your experience. A unique visual imprint we call a MINDALA or mind-image: a mirror of YOU, in the mirror of your mind. Give it to yourself and to friends and family as a unique gift!

1. Decide now!
Book a session and start your journey to change into a better version of YOU.
2. Become more aware
Develop your mind with a 10-minute session and find your state of calm.
3. Leave with a memento of your experience
Choose your favourite Mindala, a unique visual impression of your session.

A unique gift

Surprise yourself or your loved ones with a Semse Mindala gift voucher! You won’t find a more personal and special gift anywhere else.

Give the gift of relaxation, tranquillity and a sense of connection with yourself, with a personalised Mindala.

Make the Holidays a time of calm and intimacy.

What people are saying about us

Dr. Gabriella Kulcsár

lawyer and psychologist researcher

“Mindala is a very special form of relaxation, both challenging and fun. A visual and musical experience, at the end of which I woke up feeling lighter than a massage. It’s a liberating feeling to experience the present with increasing clarity, immersed in beautiful images and sounds.”

Márió Tóth-Simon

clinical psychologist

“The ‘tool-assisted relaxation situation’ created by the Semse World team can be used in a wide range of situations, whether it is exam nerves, concentration problems or even improving quality of life and well-being. Learning to relax can help us to be more balanced, calm, focused and healthy.”

Dr. Attila Sík


“I am happy to be part of a business venture that is based on science. In our pseudo-scientific world, it is important to link research and business. I’m a brain scientist, so I know that you can train your mind like you train other muscles. This unique app helps to do that.”

Choose Mindala

Visit our studio and try the world’s only 10-minute exercise with our proprietary Semse Mindala app, which gives you real-time feedback on your state of mind from Muse EEG data. Relax, it’s not a brain scan, it’s a way to get into a state of conscious presence.

It is not only the amazing experience that you take away but also unique memorabilia, an image of your own mind-scape, the Mindala, which is a great gift idea (it could not be more personal). The image could be used as decoration in your home.

Select a Mindala, click on the shopping cart icon, go to the checkout and at the Gift Voucher section choose ✅ to indicate that you would like a gift voucher. An A/4 sized, printable quality gift voucher with a unique code will be sent to the email address you provide. The gift voucher can be redeemed within 180 days of purchase.


10-minute session to be done at our studio + digital image sent by e-mail in A/4 300 dpi resolution.

Mindala Print M

Mindala + one A/4 size print in photo quality

Mindala Print L

Mindala + one A/3 size print in photo quality

Mindala Print XL

Mindala + one A/2 size poster in photo quality on silk paper

Mindala Print XL Canvas

Mindala + one A/2 size poster in photo quality on canvas


To make it graphically tailored to you, at the end of the exercise you’ll have the chance to choose your favourite from 7 different visual themes.

Visual Themes

Find out more

Mindala is a graphical representation, a unique visualisation, a picture of the state of your mind made from the data measured during the exercise. Mindala is a really special keepsake that can be a decoration in your office or home.

An EEG device in the form of a headband measures brain wave activity, and we show the user images on a monitor that are initially blurred and gradually sharpen as they enter a state of conscious calmness and presence. The level of difficulty is automatically adapted to the user, the experience is enriched by images from professional photographers, unique music worlds and audio atmospheres.

Yes, there absolutely are. The process of creating Mindfulness, a mind-generating process, is called neurofeedback, which has many positive physiological effects on one’s health, physical and mental performance, thought processes and behaviour.

  • The experience of being in the moment, of BEING MINDFUL, will affect you like airing out a crowded room and letting the sunlight in.
  • A relaxing, restful state that can be recalled for days.
  • With regular practice, you will regain your energy and creative spirit.
  • Your ability to concentrate will increase.
  • You can regain control over your own mental state.
  • If you want to make changes and improvements in your life, the exercises will also help you to be more focused on your own path towards progress.

In Pécs, at Jókai tér 2, we have set up a unique shop where you can try out our brainwave-guided applications in a relaxed environment.

Our application is an island of peace, with which people can learn to calm down consciously, to be themselves alone without any thoughts.

As human life becomes increasingly fast-paced, complex and stressful, it is important to learn to consciously relax. Taking time out from the rush to pause, listen to ourselves and just be in the moment has a positive impact not only on ourselves, but also on our environment and our loved ones.

Leave a message in the Contact section of our website, email us at or call +36 30 197 6034.

Select a Mindala, click on the shopping cart icon, go to the checkout and at the Gift Voucher section choose ✅ to indicate that you would like a gift voucher.

An A/4 sized, printable quality gift voucher with a unique code will be sent to the email address you provide.

The gift voucher can be redeemed within 180 days of purchase.

We accept cash and for online purchases and we take Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Semse World core team

When from a chance meeting of a composer (Zoltán Samu Csernák) and a graphic designer (Tamás Leisz) who happen to share a vision a great friendship emerges.

The initial idea was to create a harmonious musical world around everyone which can be built from data drawn from existence. We imagine a future where we can live in harmony with technology and nature, and have this interconnected and in line with our own development:

  • a music learning and composing app: musicLabe,
  • a brainwave-controlled planetary game: Semse Planets,

and on-demand

  • Hétágfa Tanösvény app,
  • Biochemistry teaching app of the University of Pécs: BiochemCity.

This year we opened our studio, where our recently debuted app is available for everyone to try hands-on (Mindala). We are happy to receive so much positive feedback and many constructive comments.

It’s great to finally see where an idea that has been years in the making in action. And the best part is seeing people’s relaxed faces after an exercise.

Contact us

Booking required:

Phone: +36 30 197 6034
or visit us at Jókai tér 2 in Pécs.

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